BIG / NESSI Networking Session

Towards a BIG Data Public Private Partnership

Building an industrial community around Big Data in Europe is the priority of the BIG: Big Data Public Private Forum project. In this workshop we will present the work of the project including analysis of foundational Big Data research technologies, technology and strategy roadmaps to enable business to understand the potential of Big Data technologies, and the necessary collaboration and dissemination infrastructure to link technology suppliers, integrators and leading user organizations. BIG is working towards the definition and implementation of a clear strategy that tackles the necessary efforts in terms of Big Data research and innovation, while also providing a major boost for technology adoption and supporting actions for the successful implementation of the Big Data economy.

Workshop Agenda

  • Edward Curry (Session Chair)
    NUIG, Big
  • Harald Schöning
    Head of Research Software AG / Member of the NESSI Board
    A Big Data Value Innovation Ecosystem for Europe - a Business Perspective
  • Nuria De Lama
    Atos, NESSI, Big
    Towards a Big Data Public Private Forum
  • Marta Nagy-Rothengass
    Head of Unit Data Value Chain, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology
    Launch of the PPP/Consultation process
  • Edward Curry
    NUIG, Big
    The Big Data Value Chain
  • Helen Lippell
    PA, Sonja Zillner Siemens
    Big Data Transformations of Sectors
  • Questions & Answers