Call for Exhibits

First organized in 2012, the European Data Forum (EDF) series is the premier event for industry, research, policy makers, and community initiatives to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the European data economy. The aim of EDF is to bring together all stakeholders involved in the data value chain to exchange ideas that address the above challenges and opportunities, in order to strengthen the European data economy and its positioning worldwide.

Under the auspices of the European Commission and supported by prominent European research projects, EDF 2014 seeks to bring together practitioners that

  • Develop the latest research and technology for Open Data, Linked Data and Big Data
  • Can demonstrate innovative solutions for the European data economy
  • Come from organizations with practical problems that challenge today’s  Open / Linked / Big Data  technologies
  • Seek to kick-start their Open / Linked / Big Data venture
  • Are the top talent for hire

The EDF 2014 exhibition is an outstanding opportunity to showcase the advances you have made to solve real-world data challenges in the marketplace of tomorrow.

We solicit exhibits showcasing completed work. Whether commercial products or academic contributions, the most interesting exhibits for this forum are those that are polished and ready to be exploited by others in their ventures. Particularly welcome in this year’s EDF are exhibits showcasing how governments and the public sector are making use and benefiting from Open Data, Linked Data and / or Big Data.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Organization Committee of EDF 2014 regarding their relevance to the scope and purpose of the event and the novelty and maturity for adoption of the proposed exhibit.

We distinguish between the following exhibition opportunities:

  • Project/academic exhibits: Exhibits showcasing academic / research contributions (free).
  • Commercial exhibits: Exhibits showcasing commercial products or technologies. The fee for this exhibit is 1000 Euros. Note that Platinum Sponsorship includes an exhibit space as part of the package (check out the Sponsorship Packages at
  • Exhibits of relevance to the Greek data economy: Exhibits showcasing Open Data / Linked Data / Big Data technologies from Greek SMEs or NGOs (free).

Exhibits will last throughout the whole duration of the event (March 19 and 20, 2014). For each exhibit a table (1.2 m length), electrical power, and Wireless Internet connection will be provided. Audiovisual equipment (monitors, small speakers, boards) will be available for rent on an optional basis.

Each proposal for an exhibit should provide the following information:

  • Type of exhibit proposed (choose one of the above)
  • Title of the exhibit
  • Presenter’s short biography
  • Summary of the exhibition/demo (100 words)
  • Technical and infrastructural requirements. Access to power, WiFi, and a 1.2m desk will be provided; additional equipment can be rented. Please declare whether you will need one or more of the following optional equipment:
    • TFT monitor (17 inch) with VGA cable and small speakers for PC. Additional cost is 100 Euros for the two days of the event.
    • TFT monitor (26 inch) with VGA cable and small speakers for PC. Additional cost is 130 Euros for the two days of the event.
    • PC with TFT monitor (17 inch). Additional cost is 200 Euros for the two days of the event.
    • Panel for holding a poster 2.5m X 1m. Additional cost is 130 Euros for the two days of the event.

Submissions should be sent via e-mail to:

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Dr. Yannis Stavrakas, the EDF2014 Exhibition Chair, using the above email.
Deadline for submissions: February 14 2014, 22.00pm CET. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by February 21, 2014.

Download the Call for Exhibits in pdf format.