Allan Hanbury

Senior Researcher, Vienna University of Technology

Allan Hanbury is Senior Researcher at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. He is scientific coordinator of the EU-funded KHRESMOI Integrated Project on medical and health information search and analysis, coordinator of the EU-funded VISCERAL project on evaluation of algorithms on big data, and coordinator of the CHIST-ERA project MUCKE on search in multimodal data and social networks. His research interests include multimodal information retrieval and the evaluation of information retrieval systems and algorithms. He is author or co-author of over 90 publications in refereed journals and international conferences.

Talk Title: 
Conquering Data in Austria: a technology roadmap
Talk Abstract: 

The key outcomes of a roadmap study on Conquering Data with Intelligent Data Analytics in Austria are presented ( The main objective of this roadmap study is to provide the basis for the short-, medium- and long-term focus of relevant Austrian funding programs and related measures. Information for the roadmap study was collected from multiple sources, including an online survey, expert interviews and workshops. A technology roadmap for Austria is proposed, and an instantiation of this roadmap as a number of "Lighthouse Projects" , including both education measures and data-services infrastructure (innovation-facilitation) measures is recommended.

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