Dimitris Vassiliadis

Head of Unit, EXUS Innovation Attractor

Dimitris Vassiliadis is the Head of Innovation in EXUS. Dr. Dimitris Vassiliadis is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer that has obtained his degrees from the University of Surrey (BEng, MSc) and the National Technical University of Athens (PhD). He joined EXUS in September 2007 and he is currently Director of Innovation of the company. He takes particular interest in seeing the implementation of data-centric approaches for fostering growth in vertical market sectors. His areas of activity include Future Internet and Data Technologies for applications in Tourism, Creativity and Health. Furthermore, he is actively involved in the Secure Societies initiative of the European Commission, working in specific domains to enhance the safety of citizens, leveraging the advances of the Internet and Data analytics technologies. He is overseeing the coordination and strategic steering of 10 on-going FP7 projects and an overall portfolio of 200+ active research partners. Dr. Vassiliadis has published several scientific papers in International Journals as well as in International Scientific Conferences and Workshops.

Talk Title: 
From Carbon to Diamonds: Business cases of data value
Talk Abstract: 

The advances in technology offer a unique opportunity for gathering data that capture the characteristics of the environments where ICT systems are deployed. However, data availability itself is not adequate to solve a number of real-world problems whose solutions depend on multiple, possibly correlated parameters and their patterns, often hidden within large and heterogeneous volumes of data sets. Data analytics are needed to discover valuable information and to solve specific problems. This presentation will provide an account of the “value out of data” work being carried out by EXUS in specific business domains and how this enables the creation of new business paradigms.

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