Dr. Rüdiger Eichin

Research Manager, SAP AG

Rüdiger's main focus topics are digital & intangible assets and the development of innovative solutions in the context of Big Data to derive value from these assets.  He held various positions within SAP and also worked for Arthur D. Little. Rüdiger earned a doctorate from the University of Mannheim in Controlling and Operations Research.

Talk Title: 
Deriving Value from Big Data for Enterprise Performance Management
Talk Abstract: 

In this presentation we highlight the potential of Big Data to contribute to an improved Enterprise Performance Management. As soon as enterprises fully leverage all available internal and external data sources and use those to better understand their knowledge-based capital such as their ability to innovate or to respond to customer needs, they gain actionable insights for better decisions and means to improve their performance. SAP, as the leading European software technology and business application provider, will further invest into research in this area to increase the impact of Big Data technologies for European companies of all sizes and within various industries.

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