Florendia Fourli-Kartsouni

Managing Director, Hypercliq EE

Founder of Hypercliq, MSc in Artificial Intelligence, with professional and research background in the development of web applications, social networking sites and digital marketing, as well as project management in collaborative RTD projects. Author of 5 relevant publications related to the development of a collaborative prototyping platform, the statistical analysis of human body morphotypes, as well as business process modelling.

Talk Title: 
Extension of the Scope of Large 3D Anthropometric Data Pools for Product Development – Web 3D data analytics by Hypercliq EE
Talk Abstract: 

The paper introduces Hypercliq EE, a high-tech SME specializing in data analysis on the web, and its role in the EUROFIT EC funded project (www.eurofit-project.eu). Our vision is to unleash the huge potential inherent in the increasing number of repositories of representative 3D human body surface data available throughout the world for the benefit of the European consumer goods’ industries. Our web 3D shape analysis and visualization tools enable designers and engineers to draw and visualise useful aggregate shape information on the whole human body or selected body parts and use it in their product development processes in real time.

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