Florian Stegmaier

Senior Researcher, University of Passau

Stegmaier is a senior researcher at the University of Passau. In his PhD he is focusing on multimedia modelling, distributed retrieval and Semantic Web technologies. Currently he is the leading the work package for Data Querying, Aggregation and Provenance in the FP7 CODE project. Since November 2013, he is leading the work package for Cross-Media Metadata Publishing in the FP7 MICO project. Further, he is involved an active member of the W3C Media Annotations Working Group as invited expert. Florian has published more than 25 peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Talk Title: 
Linked Data in Context: Questions Matter
Talk Abstract: 

Linked Open Data has grown into a large and recognised source of data, however its uptake and commercial exploitation does not yet reflect its potential value. Two factors with potential to contribute to the value of data are correlating previously uncorrelated data and providing answers based on the data. We present a data-centric question answering portal, developed within the CODE project, which focuses on answers based on empirical facts embedded in numerical Linked Open Data. The portal is backed by services addressing data extraction and semantic integration, creating and merging of data sets, and discovery and visual analysis targeting IT laymen.