Franck Cotton

INSEE (Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques)

Franck is a technology advisor at INSEE, the French National Statistical Institute, where he started as a business statistician, then became project manager for the development of a classifications management system, before taking the responsibility of IT infrastructure and IT security. He is particularly active in the fields of metadata standards, linked data and international cooperation.

Talk Title: 
TeraLab, A Secure Big Data Platform: Description And Use Cases
Talk Abstract: 

The TeraLab Big Data platform will be opened in 2014. Its architecture will allow memory-intensive and/or massively parallel treatments on large data sets, including highly confidential data. A varied collection of software tools and a catalog of useful data sets will be installed on the platform. TeraLab will support the development of a wide range of research and industrial projects, and contribute to the emergence of a data science community. This paper gives a rapid overview of the TeraLab platform architecture, and presents some examples of use cases that it is designed to support.

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