Jan Reichelt

Co-founder and president, Mendeley

Jan is Co-Founder and President of Mendeley, one of the world's largest research collaboration platforms, offering a suite of free cloud-based tools that make the lives of millions of researchers around world easier. Mendeley helps people to organize and collaborate on research projects and makes academic research fascinatingly more accessible and transparent.

In April 2013, Mendeley was acquired by leading scientific, technical and medical publisher Elsevier, and Jan continues to lead the company and its growth as it is integrated into the Reed Elsevier group while maintaining its distinctive identity, brand and highly engaged community.

Jan started a Ph.D. in Information Management and was a lecturer in Electronic Business at the University of Cologne. Before that he graduated as MBA with a focus on Electronic Business, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship, having studied at the WHU, the LUISS Rome, and the University of Bath School of Management.

For several years throughout his Ph.D. studies he served as an advisor to a member of SAP's supervisory board, unsuccessfully tried to start a travel company, and got totally fascinated with Latin-American dances such as Salsa, regularly attending (very non-academic) dance congresses.