Kamel Gadouche

GENES (Groupe des Écoles Nationales d'Économie et Statistique)

Kamel is the director of the French research data center (CASD). He is in charge of promoting the secure use by researchers of very detailed data owned mainly by public administrations. He is involved in two European projects which both aim at improving secure remote access to confidential data: DARA, funded by Eurostat, and Data Without Boundaries (an FP7 project). Before that, he worked as project manager and IT manager at INSEE, the French National Statistical Institute.

Talk Title: 
TeraLab, A Secure Big Data Platform: Description And Use Cases
Talk Abstract: 

The TeraLab Big Data platform will be opened in 2014. Its architecture will allow memory-intensive and/or massively parallel treatments on large data sets, including highly confidential data. A varied collection of software tools and a catalog of useful data sets will be installed on the platform. TeraLab will support the development of a wide range of research and industrial projects, and contribute to the emergence of a data science community. This paper gives a rapid overview of the TeraLab platform architecture, and presents some examples of use cases that it is designed to support.

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