Ksenia Petrichenko

Global Buildings Performance Network

Ksenia Petrichenko in a Building Policy Analyst, responsible for improvement of the data quality, scenario and baseline analyses as well as policy evaluation. Prior to joining GBPN, Ksenia has been involved in a number of successful projects (with UNEP, UNEP SBCI, IIASA, Eco Ltd, UNIDO, IFC, EBRD, etc.) in the field of climate change and energy efficiency, with a specific focus on the building sector. During her work with the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy Ksenia was working on the development of complex models and scenarios for estimating mitigation and energy saving potential in buildings. In her PhD research Ksenia is investigating the potential for net-zero energy buildings on the global and regional scales. Together with top-level experts in the field of energy and climate change issues she made scientific contributions to Global Energy Assessment and IPCC 5th Assessment Report.

Talk Title: 
Making a "black box" transparent: role of the open data in the building sector
Talk Abstract: 

Robust data on building energy performance are very important for assessing impacts of existing policy instruments and providing a quantitative basis for the effective design of  future ones. GBPN is making substantial efforts in collecting, cross-checking and analyzing various data related to the building sector. However, serious data gaps exist in this field. A lot of data and numerical research results are so-called ‘black boxes’, which means that it is difficult or not possible to track the origin of the numbers and assess their quality.
Therefore, one of the GBPN’s priorities is to share its expertise in data collection and analysis, by making the data publically available and involving other parties in an effective dialogue and exchange of data in order to improve its quality. With this purpose GBPN has developed several tools, that can be accessed on the official web-site. These tools provide data and results from GBPN’s research and can be used in an interactive manner to prepare visual outputs according to the user’s queries. A number of data in the tools are linked-open data, which increases its visibility and enhances the opportunities for data sharing, thus supporting the GBPNs mission.

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