Nikolaos Loutas

Manager, PwC

Nikolaos Loutas is manager at PwC's Technology Consulting practice, involved mainly in projects on interoperability of trans-European ICT solutions, data and software products.  Nikos specialises in semantic aspects of interoperability, through the application of Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data. He has deep insights into open semantic standards, such as the Asset Description Metadata Schema, the e-Government Core Vocabularies and the DCAT Application Profile for data portals in Europe. Before joining PwC, Nikos had been working for leading EU research centres. He has published more than 55 papers and reports in the field of Semantic Web in international journals, conferences and books.

Talk Title: 
Business models for Linked Government Data: what lies beneath?
Talk Abstract: 

This presentation discusses a study on business models for Linked Open Government Data (LOGD) performed by the ISA Programme between April and August 2013. The prevalent business model that emerged is the one where the investment and maintenance costs of a LOGD service are covered through ongoing public funding. In all cases, the LOGD service is provisioned free of charge. Many providers do not yet have a clear view of the consumers of their data. In the study, we have not seen a wide reuse by third parties. This may be because providers do not yet provide operational guarantees or because Linked Data requires acquisition of new skills on the side of the reusers. However, as many data providers are in the process of producing massive amounts of LOGD and given the opportunities for efficient data integration that Linked Data offers, more reusers are expected to find their way to the data.

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