Stefan Decker

Director, Insight Galway

Prof. Stefan Decker is a professor at the National University of
Ireland, Galway, and Director of Insight Galway (previously DERI).
Previously he worked at ISI, University of Southern California (2
years, Research Assistent Professor and Computer Scientist), Stanford
University, Computer Science Department (Database Group) (3 Years,
PostDoc and Research Associate), and Institute AIFB, University of
Karlsruhe (4 years, PhD Student and Junior Researcher). He is one of
the most widely cited Semantic Web scientists, and his current
research interests include semantics in collaborative systems, Linked
Data and Open Data.

Talk Title: 
KI2NA - Using Linked Data for the Intelligent society
Talk Abstract: 

Imagine a world where people and organisations are free to achieve their full potential and instinctively feel secure and in control. A world where knowledge is continually harnessed to drive new value and support sustainable growth. This is the world that Fujitsu aims to make a reality. We call it a Human Centric Intelligent Society. We see the ability to seamlessly integrate data from an a all aspects of society as a cornerstone for this vision. Fujitsu Labs Japan, Fujitsu Labs Europe together with Insight Galway (previously DERI) are building theĀ  foundations for theĀ  Human Centric Intelligent Society deploying Linked Data and Open Data. The KI2NA project is aiming at a comprehensive infrastructure, which is initially deployed in two domains - Healthcare and Financial Services. In the talk we present the infrastructure and its use cases.